Landlord Accountants for Property Owners

Whether you are a new landlord starting to rent out your first property or have a portfolio of properties, keeping on board with your taxes and accounting can be overwhelming. Not to mention the stresses of dealing with problematic tenants, or unexpected costs due to damages or late rent payments. 6Wands are reliable, approachable landlord accountants, ready to advise you on making the right choices with your buy-to-let finances.

6 wands want to make property investment as smooth an experience for you as possible by managing your accounts and advising you on your buy-to-let finances. By helping to organise your residential and commercial investments, budgets, and loans, we can lift some weight off your shoulders.

Landlord Accountants Want to Make By-To-Let More Profitable

If you are renting or selling properties, working with a landlord accountant can benefit you for many reasons.

  • We can help with your tax management and make sure you are claiming all you can back on your property.
  • We’ll handle all your tax returns with HMRC which can be time-consuming and we’ll be sure all the correct documents are submitted on time.
  • We can make the stressful and complicated process of handling loans and mortgages straightforward and support you in your understanding of these complicated topics.
  • Hiring a landlord accountant can allow for more of a work-life balance, with no need to stress over doing everything yourself, you can run your successful business while we handle your accounts and the confusing parts.
  • More personal service with quick response time. 6Wands landlord accounts are based in Halesowen, but we are always a phone call away and easy to reach. We value communication with you and recognise how important transparency is for our clients. 6 Wands provide this personal service for you and your accounts.
  • More achievable goals. It’s important to us that your business succeeds, and the pressure relief of a landlord accountant can mean your buy-to-let business is more profitable. Let us ease the workload so you can focus on your properties.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) When Selling Properties

Our expert team at 6 Wands can provide you with any tax advice, whether you are selling, buying, or letting a property. Our team works with landlords that have large accounts and many properties as well as those with smaller accounts and fewer properties. When it comes to selling your property, it can be easy to forget about the necessary capital gains tax return.

As well as being a complex topic, there is a limited time in which this process should take place and having a landlord accountant by your side can make sure you don’t miss these deadlines.

When it comes to reporting a disposal and settling the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability for UK residential property, there are specific deadlines to keep in mind:

If the completion date of the property sale falls on or after 27 October 2021, you are required to report the disposal and make the payment within 60 days of the sale's completion.

It's important to note that failing to meet these deadlines may result in additional consequences. Interest charges and penalties may apply if you do not report and pay the CGT on time.

Ensure that you adhere to these reporting and payment deadlines to fulfill your CGT obligations for UK residential property sales.

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