Sage Cloud Accounting Software

Sage Cloud accounting software is commonly used as a simple way of managing your business’s payroll and accountancy products. 6 Wands are a Sage accounting software partner and offer access to this business management and accounting tool at a competitive rate for our clients.

What Is Sage Cloud Accounting?

Sage Cloud is a business accounting software specifically aimed at small and medium businesses (SMEs) as well as individuals classed as self-employed. This accounting tool allows you to manage invoicing, tax, cash flow, and more all from one place. Plus, as the software works using Cloud technology you can manage your business accounts from any device, from anywhere.

What Can Sage Accounting Software Do?

Sage Cloud Accounting Software has a range of features that can directly benefit your business by streamlining the financial management process. These features include:

  • Ability to personalise, send, and track invoices.
  • Snap and capture receipts or other financial data instantly using your phone camera.
  • Ability to automate data capture.
  • Real-time and accurate reports, allowing you to make informed business decisions based on these insights.
  • Saves you time so that you can focus on your business, not administrative tasks.
  • Manage your finances on the go.

Integration With DEXT

Sage accounting software can also be integrated with DEXT (previously Receipt Bank) to provide a tailored end-to-end productivity solution for your bookkeeping that matches your business needs.

Sage Cloud Accounting Packages

At Six Wants Accountants, we want to give our clients all the tools they need to successfully control their business finances and offer support on how to best use these tools to your advantage. Cloud accounting software, like Sage, allows our clients to simplify the financial management process into a complete package. Cloud accounting software means that everything is conveniently all in one place and can be accessed from desktop, mobile, or on the go.

Bespoke Accounting Support From 6 Wands

Bespoke Accounting Support
From 6 Wands

To get started with Sage, contact 6 Wands today. Whether your business is just you and is in the start-up stage of development, or has grown to a medium-sized business, Six Wands can help you take control of your finances and save time in the long term.

Cloud accounting software like Sage is a reliable and innovative option to minimise the time spent on administrative tasks and instead maximise the time you can put back into your business. For further information, guidance, or support contact Six Wands today.