AAT Licensed Accountant

What is an AAT licensed accountant?

AAT is the Association of Accounting Technician - the UK’s leading awarding body for vocational accountants. AAT’s qualifications are recognised in over 90 countries worldwide. AAT licensed accountants such as 6 Wands show they hold the relevant qualifications, trust and credibility to deal with important financial information for clients.

Limited company accountants

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AAT licensed accountants and bookkeepers are an essential and necessary part of business success for a limited company. As experienced limited company accountants, we provide you with complete bookkeeping services, including cloud-based book-keeping. We are a silver partner with Xero but are competent to support with most accounting software including Sage.

We know each business is unique when it comes to its financial situation, and we are used to businesses presenting us with challenges and hurdles. We will provide trusted and reliable advice and discuss the latest range of software solutions on the market to decide which one is the right fit.

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Let us help simplify your company accounting

6 Wands are equipped to give you the tools and support you need to spend less time on administration, so you can focus on the important needs of your business. Long term, this helps improve the productivity of your company by saving you time and effort.

If you have any questions about switching accountants and would like more details, please call us on 0121 550 0221.