Bookkeeper for Small Business Near Me

Are you an SME or small business looking for some help with your accounts and books? A bookkeeper for small business near me is the solution for you.

A bookkeeper is responsible for compiling and providing up-to-date, accurate information on business finances. Whether you are a large corporate business, an SME, or a small to medium business, a bookkeeper can help ensure that your books are always correct.

6 Wands understand the importance of having accurate financial information. This is why we provide comprehensive and tailored bookkeeping services. To suit any business requirements across the West Midlands and beyond.

Experienced Bookkeeper for Small Business Near Me

A bookkeeper’s job is essential for preparing business management accounts within any business. They can help monitor and track progress and performance, to ensure that you’re keeping within your budget and financial goals.

A bookkeeper for small business has a number of responsibilities and duties that can be tailored around your business, including:

  • Bank reconciliation: Processing bank transactions and reconciling with financial records.
  • Data entry: Automated data capture of data for accuracy and efficiency.
  • Monthly reporting: Management accounts giving insights to business performance to assist decision making.
  • Payroll: Calculating and processing employee pay. Find out more about our payroll services.
  • Accounts received and payable: Sending and receiving invoices and credit notes, receiving payment, matching transactions for payments made, sending statements, receiving statements and their reconciliation.
  • Liaison with Accountants: Acting on behalf of the business with tax authorities and accountants.

6 Wands understands that for an SME or small business, these extensive tasks can be time-consuming and difficult to maintain regularly. With financial deadlines throughout the year for businesses, our bookkeeper for small business work with you to find the most proactive approach to your finances.

Online Cloud Solutions to Assist Bookkeepers

Online software is something that 6 Wands is proud to promote across our bookkeeper services. We provide our all clients with the opportunity to slim-line their internal processes for accounts, finding them easier to manage and process.

The team at 6 Wands have vast experience with a number of software. These include Dext, Sage, QuickBooks, and Xero Accounting Software. Each software comes with its own package of benefits and flexibility, but all are industry leaders in accountancy software solutions.

They can be purchased through 6 Wands, or we offer training on how to use them. For more information on any of these software packages, contact the team at 6 Wands today. We are here to guide and support you and your business finances. Call us on 0121 289 2080 today.

QuickBooks for Bookkeeper for Small Business Near Me

At 6 Wands, we have recently expanded our software capabilities and support. By incorporating QuickBooks into our bookkeeper for small business services.

QuickBooks is a cloud based accounting and bookkeeping software that has been designed with SMEs in mind. Offering a full range of bookkeeping services, 6 Wands can the set up and incorporation QuickBooks and support you in continuous business growth thereafter.

For more information on QuickBooks, take a look online or contact our team today on 0121 289 2080.

Why Choose A Bookkeeper for Small Business from 6Wands

The team at 6 Wands provide knowledge and experience in bookkeeping services, tailored to any business requirements. Our use of different accounting software and systems ensures that we can offer you bookkeeper services that are cost-effective and efficient.

Choosing 6 Wands as your bookkeeper for small business near me can provide a range of benefits including:

  • Significant insight into your business.
  • Smooth storing processes for your receipts and records.
  • Easy to use cloud-based software.
  • Allowing business growth.
  • Time-saving processes.
  • Full reports provided to help forecasting for your business.
  • Full support and training offered.

Not only do we bring these benefits, but we offer a tailored, transparent service that is best for your business needs. To ensure versatility across all services, offering in-person or online meetings and a software to suit you, as well as a personalised approach.

How 6 Wands Can Help You

Every small business to medium business (SME) is different. Our team always take the time to understand your business, how it works, and what we can do to enhance this further for you with our bookkeeper for small business services.

If you are an SME or small business in need of some additional bookkeeper support and guidance near you, get in touch with 6Wands, based in Birmingham, today. Our knowledgeable team can confidently help you keep your business on track for further growth, reducing pressures and stress and adding benefit to your business.