Manufacturing Accounting

Far from being a month-end or year-end activity, manufacturing accounting is vital to the day-by-day and even hour-by-hour business activities for a manufacturer. Manufacturing accounts are a quick indication of profitability, productivity, and efficiency that can make or break a company on ever-eroding margins.

6Wands understands the opportunities and challenges in the manufacturing industry and the importance of close monitoring, automation, and reporting for different stakeholders.

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What Is Manufacturing Accounting?

Manufacturing accounting is the software, processes, and monitoring required to continually assess processes, materials, and true cost. Lean manufacturing and the tightening of margins makes cost accounting to analyse financial performance crucial. At 6Wands, we’re qualified and experienced with manufacturing accounting and can work side-by-side with your business to achieve your growth and profit goals.

Manufacturing Accounts Software

To be able to dive into the details and provide a real-time view, 6Wands has dedicated manufacturing accounts software partners that can capture data and produce reports for multiple stakeholders. The agility the manufacturing accounts software can bring to a company enables the business to make critical decisions quickly and confidently.


Manufacturing Accounting Testimonial

6Wands works with manufacturers across the UK providing manufacturing accounts, and here are some of the kinds words we’ve received:


“Right from early on we could see the vast difference in improving our business.

The day to day running became a lot easier, things we didn't know about or were unaware of to help aid the business, we got that information from Nicola. The workload as it increased for us, she took over the bookkeeping and other services she offered and lightened our load.

Nicola offered us the Research and Development which was something I was completely unaware of. She helped us manage through getting money offset through our end of year Tax. I would recommend Nicola 100%, as she has over 20 years of experience working in the manufacturing industry.”  J&M Bespoke Fabrications - Manufacturing