Mentoring & Non Executive Director Role

At 6 Wands, we strive to be best positioned to help you to solve challenges within your business with our fine-tuned expertise in the role of a professional accounting consultant and non-executive director roles. So we can provide advice, support and training in a number of different ways. Our business support services include:

Accounting Consultant

  • Business start-up and incorporation service
  • Finance Director Service
  • Mentoring and consultancy
  • Helping to develop your vision, aims, hopes and aspirations of your business
  • Strategic planning: your business development plan over the next 5 years
  • Creating your work-life balance
  • Business acquisitions, mergers, sales and financial restructuring services
  • Retirement exit strategy, succession planning
  • business sale positioning

Non-Executive Director Roles (NED)

Nicola Price the founder and practice Director of 6 Wands Accountants offers to our client's non-executive director roles.

What Is a Non-Executive Director Role and What Are Their Responsibilities & Objectives?

Non-executive director roles provide constructive challenge, strategic guidance, offer specialist advice and hold management to account. They are not part of the executive team so do not engage in the day-to-day management of the organisation but are involved in policymaking and planning exercises.

The non-executive director roles are responsible for the monitoring of the executive directors and acting in the interest of the company stakeholders and on behalf of its shareholders.