6Wands Sponsors Albert From the Senior Staffy Club

Anyone that knows Nicola Price, Practice Director of Six Wands Aspects Limited, can attest to her lifelong love of dogs.  In the 6Wands office, there is even a sofa reserved for her own Staffy, Dolly.

This passion extends specifically to working against the mistreatment and discrimination against the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, also called a Staffy. For many years Nicola has been a proud Kennel Crusader, offering her support to a local charity, the Senior Staffy Club. This charity is dedicated to the rescue and care of senior (7+) Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Staffy mixed breed dogs.

Sponsorship, Financial Support & Raising Awareness

This is why it may not surprise some to learn that we are pleased to announce that 6Wands has become the first sponsor of the Senior Staffy Club [SSC]. Our business partnership includes sponsorship of Albert, offering financial support to help cover the cost of his bills. These bills may include vet fees, kennels, equipment, and more. This financial aid will also mean that other donations to the Senior Staffy Club can now go further, helping to cover the funds of their other dogs.

Albert has been chosen by Nicola to receive sponsorship, as he is one of the long-term dogs at the SSC. As dogs get older, they are less likely to find new homes, and Albert’s circumstances have made it particularly difficult to match him with his ideal forever home. Our sponsor of Albert will help ensure he receives the very best care while at the SSC.

You Can Support & Sponsor Staffy’s Too

Albert and other dogs at the Senior Staffy Club welcome any extra support that people or businesses can offer, either in a partnership, as a Kennel Crusader, as a foster home – or even adopting these dogs, giving them a chance to spend their twilight years in a permanent home.

Furthermore, you can choose how your financial aid is spent. The SSC offers a range of potential sponsorship opportunities, including long-term dogs, adoption packs, play barns, kennel blocks, equipment, fundraising events, and leaflets. Those at the SSC are also open to discussion if you have your own idea!

We encourage anyone of our connections or those reading this to contact the Senior Staffy Club and see how they can make a difference in the lives of these senior dogs today. For more updates on Albert, you can see his profile or even his YouTube playlist!