Xero Software Pckages

6 Wands Accountants are a Xero Silver Certified Partner offering Xero Packages for our clients. Xero is an online accounting software to manage your business finances in a simple and efficient process. We have carefully chosen Xero as it provides a sophisticated and extensive platform, covering all your business needs.

Talk to Us About Xero Packages

No business is the same when it comes to finances, and we are used to businesses presenting us with a unique set of challenges and hurdles. We will provide trusted and reliable advice and discuss the latest range of software solutions on the market to decide which one is the right fit.

Each one of our recommendations perfectly complements our personal and approachable accountancy service, although Xero is our most popular service due to the variety of useful functions it offers at competitive pricing. It has features to run every part of your business from payroll to VAT and Invoicing all in one place.

Six Wands offers our clients bespoke Xero Packages, tailored to your needs and at a discounted rate. We help you tailor software solutions to your business needs.

A Bespoke Solution – Accounting Help

We believe our Xero packages give you the insights you need to plan for the future of your business, ensuring you maintain healthy cash flow by having a clear view of your income and expenditure. Xero packages offer a secure online accounting software, which allows you to work from anywhere and collaborate with other members of the team with ease.

It is the perfect simple accounting software for small businesses, giving you the tools you need to spend less time on administration, so you can focus on the important needs of your business.

Why Choose a Xero Accountant?

  • Receive real-time updates on accounts status
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Integration with DEXT Receipt Bank to manage all Sales purchase expenses online
  • Customised dashboards and reports
  • Get paid faster with online invoicing
  • Online Quotations/Sale invoicing & Purchase Orders & Invoicing
  • Connects directly to your bank
  • Integrated payroll facility
  • CIS software facility option
  • VAT Make Tax Digital submission facility
  • Extensive Add on App for your business needs
  • Tailored Xero Packages at a fantastic rate.

Converting Your Accounting to a Xero Package

6 wands Accountants are Certified Partners in Xero and DEXT Receipt Bank.
When you convert to a Xero package you will start to see how much time you can save, that’s because the level of automation and add on software such as  DEXT powered by Receipt bank make the whole process more time-efficient.

The Xero software is cloud-based so backed up on the cloud as you go along.
As a Xero Silver Certified Partner, 6 Wands Accountants offers a total set-up for your business with help, training and support as you go along should you require it.

When you use 6 wands Xero accounting software you automatically have the add on the software of DEXT Receipt Bank with all our Xero packages. There are several software packages to choose from that can be tailored to your needs.

Find Xero Accountant Near Me

If you wish to discuss our Xero accounting software services in more detail please just contact us at 0121 289 2080 or emailing info@6wands.com and one of our expert teams of accountants will be there to help you with any enquiry you may have.