Receipt Bank is Your Answer to Paperless, Effortless Bookkeeping

No more saving, sorting and storing paper receipts – an unnecessary effort that is a thing of that past.

If you are considering implementing a paperless accounting system – Receipt Bank is an all in one solution designed with users in mind. Save time and simplify with 6 Wands help – you will wish you’d have found us sooner!

Receipt Bank is loved by so many companies, mainly because of how intuitive and user-friendly it is. With everything from the web platform to the smartphone app, you see a clean and uniform design that is easy to use for everyone. Your accounting process will become much more streamlined and efficient than ever before, as it integrates seamlessly with leading accounting software that we support including Xero, Sage and QuickBooks.

What is Receipt Bank used for?

Receipt Bank allows you to manage your companies’ expenses in one place, without the worry of losing paper receipts. For example, an employee fills up their company car with petrol. They simply take a photo and upload it via the app on their smartphone. There’s no need to worry about keeping receipts or invoices or set aside time for manual data entry.  It reads and extracts the key information, allowing you to then cleanly record all employee expenses easily.

Below we have answered some common misconceptions and reservations we have had from clients about Receipt Bank!

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“This seems like extra work”

Our clients report that their accounts team run much more efficiently since using Receipt Bank. The manual time it takes to sort a stack of handed in receipts and invoices from all different places takes much longer and often results in them having to chase missing ones. This problem is eliminated! It is especially useful for staff who are home or field-based, they can instantly upload from anywhere, not having to make a trip to the office to hand them in.

“It’s too complicated!”

In today’s world, most of us use the internet, email and own a smartphone. This is all that’s required to use Receipt Bank effectively. Speak to us today and we can demonstrate further with how easy it is in practice – you don’t need to be a tech wiz to submit items.

“Is this going to cost me?”

With all the hours saved on administration and data entry, both you and your accountant will have time to focus on helping your business grow. It allows you to work smarter, not harder. Our clients often come to us with money being lost monthly from misplaced receipts, which is another big plus of Receipt Bank. Long term, your financial forecasts will be more accurate also.

“Not everyone has a smartphone”

Not too common in today’s climate, but if employees prefer not to use a mobile to submit their expenses, other options can be used including email submission.

“I’m worried about the cloud”

In terms of security, 6 Wands and Receipt Bank take data protection very seriously and have invested in bank-level encryption across all the Receipt Bank networks Receipt Bank also has a dedicated data protection team to ensure that your clients’ transactions are safe and secure in the cloud. We also make sure to store those transactions for seven years, to be compliant with international tax authorities.

Open doors by switching your accountant to 6 Wands

Why Choose 6 Wands Accounting?

The big advantage of using 6 Wands for your Receipt Bank service, is we can offer a healthy discount in comparison to going direct, as well as trusted accounting advice and ongoing support tailored to you.

If you are interested in Receipt Bank Service provided by 6 Wands, please use the contact us page, call 0121 550 0221 or email and we will show you how we help businesses to take control of their finances.