Receipt Bank Support

At 6 wands, we are all about making our clients’ life’s easier. Receipt Bank is a valuable and efficient tool to manage purchase invoices sales invoices and company expenses. You can automatically convert all your invoices and receipts into data, making it easy for you to send your financial information straight to us.

The big advantage of using 6 Wands for your Receipt Bank support, is we can offer a healthy discount in comparison to going direct, as well as trusted accounting advice and ongoing support tailored to you.


You can manage your companies’ expenses simply, without the worry of losing receipts. You can instantly send paperwork to your accountant by just a simple photo. It reads and extracts key information from all financial paperwork, allowing you to cleanly record all employee expenses easily.

Receipt Bank is a trusted choice for so many businesses, as it integrates seamlessly with leading accounting software that we support including Xero, Sage and Quickbooks. With paperless working becoming the new goal for many businesses, this software eliminates the need for keeping messy paperwork around the office chasing people for misplaced documents.

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How Can You Capture Items in Receipt Bank?

There are several different ways to record your expenses with Receipt Bank. You can choose whichever methods that suit your businesses workflow including Receipt Bank App (iPhone & Android) Email, Dropbox and many more.

  • Simply open your Receipt Bank mobile app take a photo of your expenses receipt which will be safely stored on the app.
  • Use the dedicated email address provided to forward documents
  • Scan in or drag and drop paperwork to upload to Receipt Bank
  • Automatically set up a forward for regular invoices

Receipt Bank and Xero - integration with Xero, Sage & QuickBooks

Receipt Bank for accountants gives you access to secure cloud storage, as well as accurate collated financial data to stay on top of your business finances.

It will save you time due to the way it organises uploaded data, using your chart of accounts to categorise purchases. As well as easy integration with Xero, Sage and many more, you can easily export items from the app to CSV or PDF format, allowing you to analyse further.

Using Receipt Bank’s easy submission methods means that:

  • You save time on sending in your paperwork, time that you can spend on your core business services.
  • You save space as there’s no need to retain your physical documents, with it all documents easily searchable and securely stored on the cloud.
  • You now have real-time information flowing into your accounting package, providing you with insights to improve your business decisions.

Receipt Bank Support

6wands are perfectly suited to offer Receipt Bank Support at competitive prices, investing in the latest cloud-based accounting methods to keep your business finances as streamlined as possible. It helps tailor our accounting consultancy service, as we have accurate real-time information to view, so we can help create a relevant and up to date overview of your business financial position.

If you are interested in Receipt Bank Service provided by 6 Wands, please contact us today on 01215500221 or email and we will explain further how we have businesses like yours to take control of their finances.